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REBN (west coast)


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New England Energy Innovation Collaborative (NEEIC)

Cleantech Venture Network

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Advanced Technology Ventures

Atlas Venture

BU Energy Club

Flagship Ventures

Foley Hoag

Harvard Energy Club

MIT Energy Club

The Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center

The New England Clean Energy Council

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Cleantech Investing

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Clean Edge

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Sign up for the REBN East LinkedIn Group

Click the logo on the left to sign up for the LinkedIn Group if you are already a member of the REBN-East listserv.

Here are some tips for making the REBN LinkedIn Group as useful as possible for you:


When you go to the LinkedIn homepage at, and sign in, in addition to your other profile information you should be able to find your Groups in the lower right hand corner of the screen (you may have to scroll down). 


Let’s say you want to find a fellow REBN colleague who is involved in the solar industry.  Next to the REBN Group listing on your LinkedIn homepage as described in Step 1, click on the link called “See all members”.

- What will come up is a screen listing all 180+ REBN group members.  They won’t be listed in any particular order.

- Click on the button on the right hand side near the top of the list that says “Refine Search”.  This will open up a blank form (the gray area) that should allow you to search REBN members and your own LinkedIn network.

- Make sure the box in the lower-left portion of the search form that says “Show REBN Members” is checked.

- Type “solar” into the Keywords form.  Make any other adjustments to your search that you want to further refine the search (although it’s usually best to leave the search as broad as possible).  Click the “Search Again” button.

- Now the list will have been shortened to only those REBN members who have the word “solar” mentioned in their profile.



Let’s say you’ve spotted someone that it would be useful to connect with for a specific business opportunity:  You want to contact a VC who invests in solar technologies, and specifically you see that this Rob Day character claims to do that kind of thing, so you’d like to send him a message. 

- Find Robert Day in the refined search list, and click on his name.  His profile will come up as the next page.

- Review the profile to make sure that the contact still looks to be appropriate and mutually useful.

- On Robert Day’s profile page, to the right of his name, are several choices for communications.  The quickest way to reach out to Rob directly will be to click on the top choice, “Send InMail”.  

- If you and Rob aren’t in the same group, InMail may not be available.  But since you and Rob are both in the REBN Group, you can fill out the mail form which will send Rob the message.  Make sure your preferred contact info is correct at the bottom of the form!

- If Rob finds the connection potentially useful, he’ll reply directly.